Brief Short Classic Research On The Predictors Of Longevity

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Predictors of Longevity We all want to live longer, but the real goal, is to live longer and be healthy and happy while we are doing it. The expectation from society being that we want to live well into our 90’s, or even into our 100’s, without our day to day needs being met by our health care system and/or our immediate family and caregivers. There have been numerous studies in the past looking for the “fountain of youth”. That magic combination that is going to show our society how to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. This paper will discuss a brief classic research on the predictors of longevity, a study on the characteristics of the oldest people living in China and their connection to longevity, as well as a study on the relationship …show more content…

They wanted to find the predictors that can lead to a longer, more healthy life with less dependency on extended care. Between 1955 and 1959 the study followed 270 subjects between the ages of 60 to 94 years. The researchers looked at a multitude of data through physical, mental, social and laboratory tests. They then retested the remaining 26 test subjects 25 years later and with the results they estimated the subject’s life …show more content…

The sample size provided in the original study was sufficient in size and diverse in age, but the knowledge of how the subjects were chosen was not disclosed. Also, we do not know if the volunteers are all from the same area of living. Are they from a rural or an urban location? What is their socioeconomic situation? Did they work and/or live in healthy or unhealthy environments? Could there be a mental health component? These variables could change the results of the original

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