Brief Summary Of Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman working to pay off his parents’ debt. One morning, Gregor wakes up and discovers he is a “monstrous verminous bug.” He thought he was dreaming, but everything in the room appeared to be the same way he left them the night before. He tries to go back to sleep but cannot get on his right side because of his abnormal shape. He wakes up again and looks at his alarm clock, it is six thirty. He missed the five o’clock train and already knows he will be in trouble with his boss. His mother knocked on his door and warned him he was going to be late for work and needs to hurry in order to make the next train. Gregor does not want to rush to the train station so he decides to stay in bed. A little after seven in the morning, Gregor’s manager showed up to the family’s apartment and questioned why Gregor missed the early train for work. Gregor’s mother tried to justify her son being late for work because he is sick due to being a workaholic. Everyone tries to get Gregor to come out of his room, …show more content…

Having no opposable thumbs, he attempts to turn the key with this mouth. The manager hears Gregor opening the door and Gregor’s parents cheer him on. Gregor finally gets the door to open and everyone in the apartment looks in horror at the human sized bug that is in the apartment. Gregor tries to plead with the manager to defend him at work, but the manager just leaves in a hurry before the bug can explain himself. Gregor wants to stop the manager from leaving and falls down trying to catch up to him. The sight of Gregor moving and talking frightens his mother causing her to spill coffee on the rug. His father tries to shove the insect into his bedroom with the manager’s cane that he left behind and a newspaper. The door is not open all the way and Gregor is slammed into the door, letting bug guts ooze all over the door. His father gives him one last push and slams the door behind

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