Brief Summary Of Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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Just Mercy is a memoir that amasses and distinguishes the legal accounts of an activist lawyer’s [Bryan Stevenson] struggle against legal injustice. Stevenson was born into a low-income family living in a racially segregated community in Delaware. He made it to Harvard Law School after successfully graduating from Eastern College that is present day Eastern University. In his legal practice, Bryan Stevenson started representing poor clients in Georgia and later in Alabama, where he became a co-founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. The book, Just Mercy, is founded mainly on the works of the Equal Justice Initiative’s team and the poor clients that Stevenson represented in his line of duty as a lawyer and activist.
The story of Walter McMillian forms the book’s backbone. The lawyer started representing McMillian in the …show more content…

Many people, including a police officer, were also in attendance and could, therefore, confirm McMillian’s presence in the event and absence at the crime scene. Nevertheless, the authorities pin the case against McMillian without concrete evidence. They ignore the eyewitnesses who were with him at the fund-raiser event when the murder was allegedly committed. Therefore, prosecutors maliciously suppress vital testimonies, and on top of that, find false informants who come to court and testify against Walter McMillian.
The only evidence that links McMillian to the murder of Morrison is a testimony by a white career criminal, Ralph Myers. He pleaded guilty to being a conspirator in the murder to get a lenient sentence for the murder of another woman that he had committed. The evidence also includes a fabricated testimony by Hook, who affirms Myer’s made-up accusations. Hook claims to have seen McMillian’s truck driving from the building where Morrison was killed and at the alleged crime time

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