Brutality Of Slavery Dbq Essay

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The brutality of American slavery prior to the abolishment of slavery after the American civil war of 1861 to 1865 varied depending on the conditions offered by slave masters and particular historical events along with the states which slaves were in (Source A). Evidence suggests that the treatment of slaves especially in the southern region of America (which includes the states South Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Georgia) was horrendous as it included various punishments which scared slaves not only physically but also mentally. The treatment a slave received was also based on the how long the slave or slaves actually worked for a particular owner (Source B). Many testimonials from former African American slaves go on further to show …show more content…

(Source D). Although slaves did resist towards slavery in various ways, not many of them were successful as they were usually captured and in most cases executed. Evidence suggests that in some rebellion schemes there were a few slaves who informed their masters who then went to inform authorities of the planned rebellion which meant many slaves were captured. And also at the same time after events such as the Nat Turner revolt the laws regarding slavery intensified meaning that the brutality of slavery also increased therefore indicating that the brutality of slavery could have also depended on the resistance shown by slaves. This increase in brutality was seen especially in the Southern States while in the Northern States, the growth in abolitionists looked to encourage slaves to rebel. Slave resistance and disapproval of slavery did not only come from slaves as many abolitionists joined in the resistance towards slavery. Free blacks as they were called also looked to assist in the resistance movements towards slavery. The slavery resistance shown by slaves such as Nat Turner and Gabriel Prosser may have not been as successful they would have hoped but they along with the efforts of abolitionists such as the men mentioned above among many who were influential in paving the way for more resistance movements against slavery and its brutality and helped spark the beginning of the American civil war in

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