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Jada Cronshaw
Mrs. Leguizamon
Rough Draft: Research Paper “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease” – Buddha. In this quote, Buddha is stating that depending on how you take care of yourself, you can be the cause of a longer life, or your own demise. This quote shows just how much he wanted to help others end their suffering. And because of this, Buddha was an important and influential figure in history that had a positive impact on this world because of his teachings, and his selflessness helped make the world a better place. Buddha, who’s birth name was Siddhartha, was born in 623 B.C in modern-day Nepal. His mother and father, Maya and Suddhodana, were the king and queen of a small town. Siddhartha’s mother died soon
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Buddhism today is the fourth largest religion on earth, with over 520 million followers across the globe, which is seven percent of the world’s population. The way the idea of Buddhism spread across the world, was when started Buddha wandered India, and taught those who were willing to learn his ways. Buddhism was one of the few religions at the time that treated women equally to men. Although Buddhism is attributed to the Buddha, he himself didn’t intend to create a religion. What he had done was tell people how to stop the rebirth process in Hinduism, a similar religion. In Hinduism, depending on if you were good or bad in your life, you would be reincarnated as a different living thing. So, if you were a bad, poor person, you could be reincarnated as a dog, cat, tree, flower, insect, etc. If you were a good, poor person, you could be reincarnated as a prince/princess or even a god (not all Hindu gods were immortal, so you would still die eventually). Buddha himself was a Hindu follower. But after Buddha’s death, his disciples spread his teachings across the country, which soon resulted in Buddha’s teachings spreading across the
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