Buddha's Impact On Buddhartha

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Jada Cronshaw Mrs. Leguizamon 2-7-18 Rough Draft: Research Paper “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease” – Buddha. In this quote, Buddha is stating that depending on how you take care of yourself, you can be the cause of a longer life, or your own demise. This quote shows just how much he wanted to help others end their suffering. And because of this, Buddha was an important and influential figure in history that had a positive impact on this world because of his teachings, and his selflessness helped make the world a better place. Buddha, who’s birth name was Siddhartha, was born in 623 B.C in modern-day Nepal. His mother and father, Maya and Suddhodana, were the king and queen of a small town. Siddhartha’s mother died soon after the birth of her son. Till the age of twenty-one, Siddhartha was given anything he wished from his father, including a wife, whose name was Yasodharā. Soon,…show more content…
In Buddhism, Mettā is a type of meditation. In this type of meditation, it means “may you be free from suffering. Buddha’s impact on the world today is Buddhism. Buddhism, being one of the most peaceful religions, doesn’t allow for a follower to get angry or yell in frustration, and to never start fights, so diligent followers of Buddhism are very peaceful and kind people. And the Buddha is also something you can sometimes find in your neighbor’s garden, or home. Throughout the world, there are many statues and paintings of Buddha. Buddha had a significant importance in this world because of the good he did for the people. He selflessly gave up the loves in his life to help people around him. Buddha’s teachings can be applied to my life by studying his words and reading the ancient texts of Buddhism. Buddha is somebody that should be studied because of the impact on the modern world he’s had, and his virtues would be of help to many people in our society
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