Build A Fire Analysis

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People should be accountable for their action because of their careless mistakes. For example, this person was to excited to go hike at the wilderness and have a good time. When he arrived he felt that he had everything he need for his hike. Later he got injured during his hike. He went through his bag to go check if he has anything to take care of it. When he realize that there was nothing to take care of it he said to himself how can this be. People should be accountable for their action because of not being prepared, lack of responsibility, and careless mistakes. Firstly, people should be accountable for their action because of not being prepared. For instance, in to “Build a Fire” in paragraph 27 it says “but the tremendous cold had already driven the life out of his fingers”. What this piece…show more content…
In to “Build a Fire” in paragraph 26 he pulled on his mittens with his teeth, and threshed his arms back and forth beating his hands with all his might against his sides”. This was a careless mistakes in this piece of evidence. The reason why is because, why would he take them off if he knows his hands and his finger tips will be very cold, even though if he try’s to make them warm. Furthermore, in paragraph 10 it says “He was sure to frost his cheeks; he knew that, and experienced a pang of regret that he did not devised a nose strap”. This means that he did a careless mistake of not bringing the stuff he needed for the cold. This shows that he wasn’t thinking and at the same time he wished he had it. If he had the nose strap he wouldn’t be complaining for it. In paragraph 27 it says “After a time he was aware of the first far away signals of sensation of his betean fingers”. Meaning that he regret of staying to long in the snow because he was so cold and his fingers were getting to cold. This show of the careless mistakes he did because he regret of what he
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