Bullet To The Heart Rhetorical Analysis

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Finally, the final essay! For this last essay, I have decided to explain 3 rhetorical devices in a song. The song I chose is called “Bullet to the Heart” by Jackson Wang. This song is about finding out someone isn’t who you thought they were. Jackson portrays this in his song by using allusion, exaggeration, and metaphor. Before explaining where and why he uses this rhetorical device, I’ll put his song here. [Verse 1] Devil in a black dress They musta kicked you out of Heaven I wish I knew you were an actress I fell in love with your impression 'Cause now I'm starin' down a barrel You got my life in your hands now You wanna hit me with an arrow Six seconds till it's man down (Seconds till it's man down) [Pre-Chorus] Locked and loaded, finding …show more content…

This is called allusion. Jackson uses allusion to foreshadow the topic of the song. By the use of the words “devil,” “out of heaven,” “actress,” and “love” you can easily tell that the song is about falling in love with someone that was two-faced. This rhetorical choice helps listeners know what the story of this song will be about, and understand better what his meaning is throughout the song. Jackson then proceeds to use exaggeration in that same verse. He says, “You got my life in your hands now.” He says this to make listeners understand that his love is to die for. He is like a puppet, she commands him and he does it. Another exaggeration is in the chorus where he says, “Bullet to the heart.” Jackson didn’t actually receive a bullet to the heart. The pain she caused him was unbearable that it felt like a “bullet to the heart.” This is written to make listeners understand and imagine his pain, and understand his feelings while writing the song better. Overall, Jackson Wang uses allusion, exaggeration, and metaphor to convey the story of the song. This is done to understand the song with examples that would give listeners a better understanding of the song's

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