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Caring for a dog is so important, if dog owner want a healthy dog you need to care for them correctly. Though some people think they have everything under control and they think they know everything there is t know, this may not be true.Training dogs,feeding them and taking care of them is important,we as humans should help animals such as dogs to help the dog population increase. Caring for animals is important , from buying food to exercise and training, this will all help, believe it or not. Buying dog food from China is never good. Dog owners never want to buy food from China.This is because dog food brands are known for killing dogs because of the bad ingredients . So make sure it's from America, and always check the ingredients for …show more content…

But how much do we feed the dog? This is very important dog owners should always ask yourself “ How much should I feed my dog? When people have a puppy it's different than feeding a full grown/growing dog. When people have a puppy they should feed them 4 times a day but only when their a puppy. This is because when dogs are puppies many can't feed them big helpings, they need to be small. This is because they can't digest the big helpings so many people need to give them small helpings spaced out thought the day. There are human foods that dogs can eat so if the dog does eat the foods never worry. Dogs can only eat certain human foods but some of the foods are . Peanut butter, cooked chicken, baby carrots, salmon, pumpkin,eggs and more. The foods that a dog eats is important but do people know what to feed your dog? This is once again very important for dogs.
To keep dogs healthy people need to make sure they don't feed it chemicals, anonymous meets, artificial coloring.Feeding dogs can be as important as feeding kids healthy or keeping humans healthy. So to make sure that dog/puppy is eating healthy. Make sure they eat 4 times a day in small helpings and keep track of what they

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