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Hello, I am Adele Little Dog I was born on July 10th,1926 and sadly I just passed a couple years ago on December 3rd, of 2011. I was a teacher and then a very helpful principal in Little Eagle. I would like to tell you a little about myself and my ancestors of the Plains Region. My ancestors believed there was a Great Spirit who had power over all things, animate or inanimate. They hunted for buffaloes and gathered berries and vegetables. They also used the buffalo skin for clothes. Some other things they wore were deer skins and feather headdresses. My ancestors mostly lived in teepees through hot summers and cold winters toward the center of North America.They made travois which are like modern day sleds, ropes, shields, bows, and parfleches …show more content…

I was very loved and now I am very missed by the school and its educators. First, I taught in Bullhead, South Dakota and then in Little Eagle, South Dakota. In the area of Little Eagle and all of America Indian teachers were desperately needed, so I took matters into my own hands. I decided I would open a fund raiser up to get money for teacher education and for schools. When my son was 10 he had no teachers. By the time he was in High School my foundation had changed a lot. Also, in my years of teaching, I got an “Educator of The Year Award” for helping my school so much. After my fund had helped a lot I decided to do something else that would be helpful, I made my own teaching books. Some of the people who are dear to me still have copies of them. Not only did I love teaching in schools, but I also loved to coach and play basketball. My husband and I coached teams and took them to tournaments everywhere. After I was done my school life I was a part of accreditation committee for BIA schools. I served on this committee for about 44 years until I retired. I still have loved ones who are alive and well today such as my son, cousins, and grandchildren. I wish I were still there with them and with the schools to help them, but maybe after hearing this you will go out and do something for your community. I hope I inspired you

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