The Navajo Tribe Cultural Differences

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The Navajo are a Native American tribe, whose reservation land spreads over 14,000 square miles. Their homes, food, tools, clothing, and culture are not the same as ours. Yet they still have their similarities and differences. The Navajos live in four states, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. They have lived there for decades, and they still do. The Hogans that they live in are made out of branches, leaves, and mud. Since this is all they have there, that 's what they used to create their homes. Their reservation is mostly flat and is also very hot, and because the climate is hot, it affects their food sources. The Navajo men hunt small game, deer, and antelope. Women and children on the other hand would grow corn, beans, squash,and gather foods like fruits, nuts, and herbs. When the Spanish came they showed the Navajo how to raise animals. They still do this with sheep and goat. With the animals they raised, they would use every part of …show more content…

Later on in their life’s the men would wear shirts made out of either cotton or velvet, while during the warmer seasons they would wear breeches that went just below the knee. In colder seasons they would have pants. Women wore squaw dresses made out of blankets. Both men and women would wear moccasins whether child or adult.
Every year they had special traditions. They would sing songs and say prayers for their religious traditions. They would have ceremonies and rituals that sometimes would go for nine days. They would celebrate the gods they believe in like Yei, the god they thought could be summoned by masked dancers, or a Sun god. These are called anthropomorphic deities. So even though the Navajo are considered to be fierce warriors, they are a peaceful people that live on their large large land. Since they don 't use the modern technology or creations we have and use, they make their own homes, food, tools, clothing, and

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