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Navajo Code talkers were heros to our country and have waited years to be properly acknowledged for their heroic deeds. The unbreakable code based around the Navajo language and the language is one of the hardest to learn. The code had 411 terms that the Navajos turned words into military terms. The code was never broken even after the War. The Navajos life before the war consisting them never leaving there reservations. They were the largest Indian Reservation and the most recognized tribe in all of the United States of America. Children on those Reservation couldn’t speak their on language and when they were caught speaking the language they had their mouths washed out with soap. Much of the Navajos had never left the Reservation let alone …show more content…

“The Code Talkers’ role in war required intelligence and bravery. They developed and memorized a special code. They endured some of the most dangerous battles and remained calm under fire” (Code Talking). They were warriors and the youth viewed them as heros. Trump had honored them this year on the National American Indian Heritage Month. They were recognized until decades later. Most of the Code talker now, have passed away and didn’t get honored. One of the Navajo Code Talkers Chester Nez was awarded Audie Murphy award. In 2000, Congress passed legislation to honor the Navajo Code Talkers with gold and silver medals. “Many Code Talkers earned medals, such as Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, Good Conduct Medals, Combat Infantry Badges, during and after the war”(Code Talking). They weren't recognized for so long because they were suppose to be kept a secret and classified by the military. Many of the Navajos told there families what they really did in that war. There service served there families, communities ,and country by helping with major wars. “ They demonstrated the importance of their tribal languages to the world and helped preserve them for the future. They met the challenge of life” (Code Talking). They gave their families something to be proud of. These great accomplishment are going down in

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