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2.1.3 Journal: Write Your Own Big-Picture Narrative Journal World History Sem 1 (S3061478) Elijah Romero Points possible: 10 Date: ____________ In this journal activity, you will write your own version of history for the period between 8000 and 600 BCE by answering the questions below. In your responses, use your own words and be as clear as possible. You will be graded primarily on the completeness and clarity of your writing. Terms: • Neolithic Revolution • civilization Directions 1. Think of a creative or descriptive name for this time period. For example, you might call the period before the development of agriculture “Life Before Farming” or “Hunting to Survive.” Make this name the title of your journal entry. 2. Write …show more content…

There is only stone tools that we the people us to survive, stone spears to hunt, also you have to make you own bow and arrows to survive in the hunting grounds. Only the men are allowed to go hunting, the woman’s stay home, cook, clean and take care of the kids. The kids between 10 and 18 have to collect wild barriers from the forest. One of the major regions is the mountains; we use it to collect fresh water for the tribe. Another major region is the ocean, which we hunt down big fish. Our home is in the valley, were we collect the fresh water from the mountains and a big river that connects to the ocean, we get most of our supplies from the forest. When the migrating season comes we all have to pack up and go to follow the food, after many season pass by we move back to our old home. This made a big impact on our history because we didn’t know how to farm or to tame wild animals to breed. If this would not have happened, then we would not be moving place to place to follow the food source. The effect is big because they don’t have the same tools, knowledge or technology as we do today. We see big improvements today, better those days in 600 BCE, we learned so much over the

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