Lakota Tribe Vs Aztec Research Paper

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Hist223 Short Paper
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The Aztec and Lakota tribes were all some type of Indians. Even though they were both Indian tribes and shared similarities, they also shared different beliefs on things such as religion, history of creation, animal life, and daily practices. The Aztecs were indigenous to Central America, where the Lakota tribes lived in the northern plains of North America. In this paper, we will explore some similarities and differences between these two tribes. We will also look at the history of the tribes, how they thought the world was created, religious beliefs and rituals, their culture, and what they thought of animal life.
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They speak the Lakota language which is derived from the Sioux tribe. They originated in the west and eventually settled north in North and South Dakota due to continuing wars over the fur trade. The largest populations are known to be in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Lakota children are raised with the values of the tribe. They were known as a courageous and full of strength tribe. They lived in tee-pees constructed with wooden poles. The canvas was made from buffalo hides. Lakota women were responsible for moving the tee-pees. The women also took care of the children, cooked, and cleaned. The woman made clothes from deer skin. The tribes painted their body and faces with bright colors. They hunted buffalo, elk, and deer and planted mainly corn. They lived from the land. They were known for their amazing bead work, pottery, and buffalo hide paintings. They were very spiritual people. Besides worshipping the sun, moon, and stars, they worshipped the universe. Spiritual ceremonies and the smoke from a sacred pipe represent prayers from the Lakota …show more content…

The inhabited which is now known as Mexico. Their primary language was Nahuatl. They were known for their precious stones, luxury craft items, and variety of foods. Pottery was one of their major art pieces. Human sacrifice was abundant among the Aztecs. They believed this could be obtained by giving human blood to the gods. They history of bloodletting originated with them. They believed in the afterlife and they resided and built immaculate temples and pyramids. Some are still standing to this date. Their religious beliefs consisted of dancing to worship their gods. Music was also added in to their dance. It was considered a prayer ritual. Many of the Aztecs bodies held intricate tattoos which were in relation to the gods they worshipped. The Spanish were the cause of the end of the

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