How Did The Seminole Culture Affect The Culture Of The Europeans

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Introduction The Seminoles are a tribe that has been affected greatly by the Europeans. Still to this day they have their culture. They have been in the trail of tears and are one of the five civilized tribes. Their culture is overflowing and are kept in two different states. They are both from Oklahoma and Florida. I chose this tribe because it seems like they have been through alot and I wanted to know how the Europeans treated them.
In Seminole culture all families are matrilineal, that means everything is traced through the mother's line and children are already apart of the mother's clan. Uncles also play a big part in the kids life, the kids get trained by their uncles and they usually always come from the mother's side. Their culture also adapted to their environment. From the Florida everglades to Oklahoma. Their clothing was made by the woman in the tribe and they sewn on patches of different clothing in long strips and made alternating patterns on shirts and dresses.
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The U.S fought the Seminole many times resulting in the Seminole great wars. These went on until 1835 to 1842, they were fighting because the Seminoles took slaves that were fleeing from the Europeans and also they were trying to drive the Seminoles out of Florida to Oklahoma. This happened because the U.S passed the indian removal act which forces all native americans to one place. The Seminoles migration between Florida and Oklahoma was called the trail of tears, many Seminoles died. Some Seminoles left for Oklahoma but others stayed. Another war broke out in 1855 and the U.S couldn't defeat them so they stayed in Florida while the others went to

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