How Did The Navajo Code Talkers Support The Allies In WWII?

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In 1942, The Navajo Code Talkers were sent to the battlefield against the Axis forces during WWII. With their strength and bravery as they did their job while under constant fire on the warzone, they did their part and were an affective unit that lead the Allies to victory. The Navajo Code Talkers were a successful unit that supported the Allies in WWII because of their background, creating the code, and Their mission.
Originally, the Navajo Tribe were discovered in Utah Arizona, and other parts near New Mexico by the US. With the different ways of expressing life and culture in their territory, the US attempted to take control of the Tribe. The Tribe did not want to be taken control of these new unknown people. So, they decided to fight back. In the 1850s, the Tribe was lead to war by the Navajo leader known as Manuelito. With the war in the South West between the tribe and the US from the 1850 to the 1964 made it a hard long battle. Unfortunately, the Navajo were defeated due to the strong technology of the US, and were sent to their new homes in Fort Sumner in New Mexico. Four years later, the tribe went back …show more content…

So, the Navajo people joined the US in their efforts. With fierce training, it took alot for the Navajo people to learn the military way of war. Originally, the Navajo language was mentioned to the military by Philip Johnston, a man of the Navajo tribe. With the military interested, Philip also warned them that the Navajo tongue is very difficult, and can be mispronounced within the other navajo people. With this benefit to the US military, they began forming all of the Trained Navajo members to begin creating this code. With a final result with the finished code, they made a chart from A to Z in Navajo tongue. With this code, the heads of the Military camps were so pleased with this project, they expanded the Navajo Code Talker unit to a 400 manned

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