Caesar Foreshadowing

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Could you ever believe that your own father is responsible for the most evil, malevolent crime- murder? That is what Cat Kinsella had to wrap her head around in Sweet Little Lies. Cat Kinsella is a detective constable in London. There is a huge murder investigation in her town, so she is assigned to the case. Throughout Sweet Little Lies, the author, Caz Frear, makes it known that there are multiple possible suspects and multiple people interviewed. However, one of these suspects sticks out to Cat- her father. Cat’s father had connections to the victim when she disappeared over a decade ago, but he lied to police about it. After hearing her father lie to the authorities, Cat knew something was weird about the situation. At the time, she was still the young age of nine so she didn’t exactly understand what this information meant. In the novel, Caz Frear foreshadows that Cat is already extremely suspicious of her father. Caz Frear’s use of foreshadowing throughout Sweet Little Lies gives readers the idea that Cat Kinsella had a suspect in mind from the beginning of the investigation. I will analyze Caz Frear’s use of foreshadowing throughout …show more content…

Due to him dropping hints throughout the book, the reader has an idea of who committed the crime and stays intrigued to find out who the murderer truly is. Foreshadowing is an important element to most stories, but in Sweet Little Lies, it is the biggest and most important element. This book would not be what it is without foreshadowing. If foreshadowing were not used in Sweet Little Lies, nobody would have any clue of who the murderer is until the end of the book. I have never read another book written by Caz Frear besides Sweet Little Lies, but I predict that foreshadowing is an important element in all of her other books. Caz Frear’s use of foreshadowing leaves the reader on edge, wondering if the detectives will ever catch the

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