Cameahwait: A Short Story

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The wind had an extra chill today, the sun hadn’t come out in days.The snow is probably up to my knees and it 's still falling.As we arrive in the small town many people lead us to a small tent where a man is sitting.

“Sacajawea?”The man says with a weird look on his face.

“Yes?”As I turn around I notice it 's my brother, Cameahwait. As we get into conversation I bring up our parents he sighs and says.”They died a few years ago?”

As I start to think about all of my other family members he says”Almost everyone died in the attack.”

“What attack,”I asked

Everyone just stared at me as I start to get emotional about everything I just heard.As I started to think I was interrupted by Cameahwait.”Another tribe came and set fire to our

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