Captain Anthony Character Analysis

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She is Douglass’s mother and the daughter of Isaac and Betsey Bailey, who were both colored. Harriet was darker than her parents. She was separated from Douglass when he was an infant. She sneaks out of her plantation to visits him at night. Harriet Bailey added to the abolitionist subjugation message through giving a case of what number of slaves were not ready to remain with their youngsters and help raise them as they grew up. He is Douglass’s white master. Douglass believes that Captain Anthony may be his father, but no one has validated that assumption. He represents the sexual relationships between masters and female slaves in slave society. Commander Anthony indicates extraordinary savagery toward his slaves. Being a piece of Douglass' …show more content…

Plummer is the overseer of Captain Anthony’s slaves. He is a miserable drunk, who swears and severely abuses Aunt Hester Mr. Plummer is a case of the ruthlessness that administrators would have towards their slaves. Douglass gives just a couple points of interest where he recalls his severity yet it demonstrates in what way many individuals that have come into Frederick Douglass' life have created an effect in such an unpleasant way. Frederick Douglass’s aunt, who was also a beautiful woman. She received a fortune of attention from her master. That lead to numerous lashings, which Douglass witnessed. Hester has lasting effects Douglass where he has a clear picture of her being beaten by Captain Anthony. She constrained Douglass, alongside different components, around the abolitionist development. This character demonstrates every one of the reader’s reality behind slave proprietors' falsehoods and that there were genuine individuals quite recently like everybody in his gathering of people getting beaten and killed in light of their skin shading. Betsey Bailey is Harriet’s mother and Douglass’s grandmother. She worked for Anthony’s family for quite awhile. Never freed. Does not have a relationship with Douglass. Represents the breakup of the family in slave

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