Carnegie Hall Essay

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One event from American history that I wish to have experienced would be the opening night of Carnegie Hall in 1891. Carnegie Hall has been important in the development of American History; it is one of the most significant venues for classical as well as popular music in America. Musicians from all around the world come to Carnegie Hall to perform for its renowned acoustics and beauty. This exquisite concert hall, drawing the world’s greatest artists, has set the guidelines for excellence in music since it opened in 1891. It was Andrew Carnegie, himself, who said, “It is built to stand for ages, and during these ages it is probable that this Hall will intertwine itself with the history of our country.” This moment has great significance to …show more content…

I walk two blocks south to arrive at Carnegie Hall. I gaze in awe as I see horse-drawn carriages lined up for a quarter of a mile outside the hall. It’s opening night, May 5th, 1891, and people are swarming everywhere trying to get in to see Damrosch and Tchaikovsky conduct at this magnificent hall. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous with a façade made of terra cotta and iron-spotted brick. I manage to get inside where the main hall is jammed to capacity. I look around to see that the magnificent architecture extends to the inside as well. It strongly resembles architecture from the Italian Renaissance. I look up to the boxes to see the Rockefellers, Whitneys, Sloans, and Fricks families. I find my seat, smooth my dress, and sit down. I listen to Bishop Henry Codman Potter give a lengthy speech and wait for the music to begin. Damrosch enters the stage and the hall erupts in applause. He about to lead the Symphony in playing “America” and Beethoven’s Leonore Overture No. 3. He bows, raises his baton, and the music starts. The acoustics were even better than I could imagine. After the two songs, Damrosch exits and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky enters. He comes to the podium to conduct his Festival Coronation March. Its strong beats run through my ears. After the loud finish, Damrosch enters again to conclude the evening with the New York premiere of Berlioz’s Te Deum. The audience bursts out in applause. I think it lasts

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