Essay On Buckley Vs Valeo

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Question two
As the chairman for the Republican National Convention and knowing that Buckley V Valeo decision will not be soon changed, I would argue against changing the current campaign system in the most spectacular way. I would get on air and frame as the case as the liberal media trying to suppress free speech. I would attack the media on its double standards and vendetta against businesses. The press demands to know the inner working of institutions, yet it hardly respects other people’s right to assemble nor does it promote candidates that reflect the views of people whom want to make America great. The first amendment guarantees the right to assemble even in secret. Then to curb the appearance of corruption we have established a litany of rules under the Federal Election Campaign-- which limits how much an individual can give. …show more content…

News organizations basically require a candidate to raise a certain amount of money to just to get on air. Thankfully, the courts recognized this in Buckley V Valeo in stating that: “a person’s ability to engage in free speech should not depend his/her financial ability. “ Additional statements of support from this case include detailing how the government can not impose limits on campaigns due to the increasing finances needed to communicate without limiting speech.” More importantly, a candidate should not be punished for having large bank

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