Case Study Of Water Bills In Poisoned Flint

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Emiley Fritz Water Bills in Poisoned Flint an ‘Outrage,’ Attorney General Says Michigan 's top prosecuting attorney said January 25, it 's an "outrage" that residents of Flint are forced to pay for water that is toxic. His office possibly will take action to put a stop to the toxic water billing. "Words can barely describe this tragedy. Things went terribly wrong," Bill Schuette said. "I would certainly not bathe a newborn child or a young infant in this bad water and if you can 't drink the bad water you shouldn 't pay for it." Bill Schuette said his office has begun investigating steps to provide financial support to the Flint residents. The people of Flint were also exposed to E. coli, chemical byproducts, Legionnaires ' disease and lead

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