Water Bottles Persuasive Essay

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We all drink water. Whether we like it cold, lukewarm, or in small amounts because it can taste so bland, we all drink it. Something that most of us do is buy and drink bottles of water because it is convenient for those of us who have a busy schedule. Most importantly, we buy it because from what we expect, it is the most safe option. Yet, what if it is not the safest option. Although we have all heard the rumors and comments about the harmful effects of water bottles, most of us have never really made it a priority to understand the actual health risks of drinking it. We have also brushed off the horrific facts of what it actually does to our planet regardless of the endless amount of television commercials that are trying to grab our attention. It is widely ignored and believed to just be another meaningless hoax, just as Donald Trump believes that Al Gore is a Chinese …show more content…

It makes up seventy percent of our bodies, so it is an absolute necessity for our bodies to function properly. Yet, if the water we are drinking is contaminated with bacteria or other harmful things, we are not actually taking care of our bodies like we think we are. So with that being said, is the water going in as pure as we assume? The answer to that is no. Good House Keeping addressed the issue in one of their articles: "Bottled water isn't covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act; it's regulated by the FDA, which doesn't require bottlers to share quality-testing info with the public. The Environmental Working Group found acetaminophen, caffeine, arsenic, and nitrate in 10 brands of bottled water." ("Is Bottled Water Better?" 1) Is it not a little scary to know that even if the water your drinking has a trace of danger, you may or may not be warned? It is also scary to think that mothers tend to use bottled water to mix with baby formula and that some of the brands they use actually could contain products that are potentially dangerous to their

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