Compare And Contrast Gatorade Vs Water Essay

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Everyone loves water and gatorade but the real question is, which is a better choice for kids during a regular daily basis or even during sports. “Sports drinks” like gatorade and powerade are supposed to replenish electrolytes that are lost through sweat, but why do kids need to have 34 grams of sugar and a dose of chemical food dye in order to replenish their electrolytes after an hours worth of practice. After a game, the kids should have water to replenish what they have lost through sweat. In my opinion the kids should be able to choose what drink they want after a game or even practice because since they have been working hard, yes they are losing electrolytes, but water does not provide them back into the body afterwards like a gatorade …show more content…

Sodium is lost through sweat at higher concentrations, and neither water or even fruit can provide the electrolytes that are needed to replenish the kid’s body. It states in the article that an American diet contains more than enough sodium that a child would be fine without the 270 mg of sodium in that little gatorade bottle, but what child whether they are really young or even a teenager is going to be on a regular diet based off of sodium, sure they might eat healthy but they should still be able to have a bottle of gatorade every now and then, whether it is good or bad for them, it should be their choice on what they want to drink during their games and during their practices. Whether these were made for performing athletes and not growing children, it is understandable that the parent wants what is best for their child but they can not always do that for them when they get older and actually want these things instead of water. I know I would prefer a gatorade over water any day, it isn’t that I don’t like water but it is too plain and doesn’t have a flavor like gatorade and powerade

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