Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

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With the constantly increasing paces of everyday life the search for an energy source, capable of boosting the human body to new limits by extending its endurance, continues. In the recent years a specific product, called an energy drink, has received much publicity worldwide. The energy drink is a highly caffeinated stimulant that is able to rise the performance of the human body. Many people consider it as a refreshment after a hard day’s work. What’s more one of the most frequently used cases of energy drinks is in combination with alcohol during parties. However, the majority of consumers do not understand the way they work and often abuse with the consumption of the substance. Furthermore, a great amount of them are unaware of what effects can be caused on the human body. Many consumers agree that energy drinks actually provide the human body with the desired energy. The reason behind this effect is caused by the high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Whenever a consumer uses an energy drink a series of effects begin in his/her body. The organism receives an instant boost as the caffeine successfully manages to block the duties of the adenosine, a chemical located in the brain whose function is involved with sleeping. After the completion of the process caffeine forces part of the neurons in the brain to lighten up, which later on causes the body to release the hormone adrenaline. When the hormone is active it forces the liver to provide the bloodstream with additional

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