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Energy drinks are a great drink to help you get energy before a game and has the same caffeine that coffee has so what the worst that could happen, but I’m here to tell you that everything is wrong with energy drinks. Both drinks are usually drink at home and at a game before it starts. Kids and teens drink energy drinks after sports, but should they be drinking gateroid or at least water. Kids are using energy drinks as instead of recovery drinks to try to cool down. To me this makes me think that when kids want to take a break they can’t because they are filled up with too much energy. These kids are going to have sugar issues because the caffeine in energy drinks are not regulated. How many drinks kids get are up to two durning sports and how are they getting these drinks are all because of parents. So I will show people why coffee and soft drinks are similar, but also very different. So people say that coffee and soft drinks are very similar in many ways, and there is sumulatiers so let's see if we can …show more content…

Let's start out with which one has more caffeine. By a long shot, Coffee has more caffeine in it. Ok one point to energy drinks, but I can still win this fight. Next mostly only grown ups drink coffee while kids drink both. One, one and there's one more topic left. The addictions between the two and this is where it gets tight. Both two show great addictions, but only one will win and that’s energy drinks. While energy drinks only becomes an addiction during sports, while people people get addicted to drinking coffee in the morning. So did I lose, is energy drink really better than coffee? Absolutely not because Doctor Steven Nissen made a video explaining why coffee is better than energy drinks. In this video is states in the video “energy drink the cathiene is not regulated and in fact be to much”. He also says in the video that it’s okay to have normal cups of coffee spread

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