Compare And Contrast Coffee And Energy Drinks

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Coffee vs energy drinks, who will win? People drink coffee and energy drinks because they wake you up and they get you ready for the day. Most energy drinks hold 8.4 ounces. On the other hand, coffee has 8 ounces. On the healthier side, coffee only has 1 calorie for 8 ounces while energy drinks have 110 calories for 8.4 ounces. Usually you find both of these items at Wawa. If you want to drink energy drinks I would go with the brand Red Bull. Coffee has no effect on your heart. The reason why people drink coffee and energy drinks because they give you a boost of power. By digesting these liquids you have to drink them. Generally citizens swig a cup of coffee in the morning and energy drinks is for an active sporting event. Personally in my opinion, I rather drink energy drinks than coffee because I don 't like the bitter taste of coffee. Although there are differences in coffee and energy drinks there are also similarities between the two. One fact is coffee and energy drinks help with concentration and physical endurance performance. These drinks are both addictive. They both can increase your heart rate. Another similarity, is that their popular drinks among the people of the world. whenever you drink too much of either of them, it may hinder your health if taken in of abnormal quantities and cause an overdose if taken with other caffeine products. Taking precautionary measures is an important thing when consuming many of these caffeinated drinks. Having coffee or

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