Argumentative Essay: The Soda Ban

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Unit 3 Argumentative Processed Essay: The Soda Ban The highly debatable and argued over ‘soda ban’ has been taking over the world and grabbed the media’s attention. But why? Well, many think the ban is about soda, but really, it isn’t all about soda. Truthfully, it is about the world thinking about the decisions they make. But, the ban does restrict all drinks ran by city that are above 16oz or have 50% or more of milk and fruit juice. However the soda ban may have some positive effects, ultimately the ban is a bad idea. Due to the contradiction it brings, the fact there is only one person making the decisions, and the other ways people can spend money. The soda ban is a defective idea in itself because of the loopholes in the plan. As Karin Klien talks about the problem in her article “Sodas a Problem but…”, “Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven are overseen by State and would be exempt , but a Burger King across the street would be restricted” (Klien, 288). In addition, there isn’t a need for this soda ban because it makes no sense for a customer at a fast food restaurant (like Subway) to walk across the street and go to a 7-eleven, which is a state-ran store that has drinks that are over 16oz., and even over 64oz. People could even go to a grocery store and buy a 2-liter bottle of the sugary drink because it isn’t run by the city. Another way the soda ban contradicts itself is because of how you’d get the same amount of sugar if you were to drink a drink from a smoothie

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