The Importance Of Sugary Drinks In Schools

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Most kids today drink sugary drinks when they get home or when go out to eat. Grocery stores sell soda and sugary drinks throughout the business (Leaf Group Ltd). Someone could be getting their groceries, and they would be able to get them with all of the other food or where they check out. “Researchers tracking 6,900 fifth-graders from public schools in 40 states through the eighth grade found that 85% of eighth graders reported drinking a sugared beverage at least once a week (about 30% said they drank them every day), regardless of whether their schools banned them or not.”(Alice Park). Most kids drink pop daily so it should not stop them from drinking it at school. “Students have many ways of accessing sugared drinks outside of the school lunch program, including vending machines, school stores and cafeteria a la carte offerings that students pay for themselves rather than with lunch vouchers.” (Alice Park). …show more content…

Therefore children should be allowed to buy soda at school if they can anywhere else. Secondly, kids bring pop or sugary drinks to school on their own anyway. ”It was a lunch that would horrify a dietitian: a bag of Tropical Skittles, a Jones soda, two Little Debbie marshmallow treats, a deep-fried pizza stick and a bottle of sweetened iced tea..” (Jessica Blanchard &Casey McNerthney). Most high school kids travel off campus multiple times a week to get food and drinks that are from fast food restaurants with sugary

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