The Pros And Cons Of The Soda Ban

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¨Several critics questioned why the city was making proposal on sugary drinks a priority when some city schoolchildren have no physical education classes.¨ (Washington TImes) In New York, Mayor Bloomberg placed a law on the sizes of soda citizens are allowed to get. However, this caused a lot of controversy on whether the ban was good or bad. Despite the amount of people supporting the ban´s choice, the ban does have some downsides on it. It is not a good idea to limit the amount of a soda a person can purchase (or propose the ban) because it's not applying to all, it's taking rights away from people, and itś not a big deal. The soda ban should not be placed down since it is not applying to all, but a certain amount of people. It is not going to …show more content…

That is true, however this argument is weak because there are in fact bigger problems than soda being a health issue. Itś your choice on whether you drink soda or not. It won't do much damage unless it becomes a very consistent thing. Though soda is bad, we have much bigger problems killing people. For example, cigarettes or smoking in general. It affects people who are not even committing the action, but people who are near it. The soda ban should not official because of those bigger problems. Stated in ¨Soda´s a Problem But…¨ on page 288, ¨There are times when the government has to step in on obviously dangerous situations- especially those, such as smoking, that affect the people other than the person whose behavior would be curbed-...¨ (Klein, 289) Furthermore, Cigarettes affect more than one person. The Soda Ban is something we shouldn't be worried about if we have another problem possibly killing someone faster and quickly. Despite the mentions of it reducing health issues, the ban still does not deserve to be put in place since there are other severe problems that should be discussed

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