Soda Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Have you ever just wanted to have a soda at school? Have you ever been having a bad day at school and just want a nice cool, refreshing beverage, but then you realize… you’re at school? According to NY daily news “soda gets a bad rap for making us fat, rotting our teeth and even possibly making us depressed. But hey... it's not all bad news with the bubbly stuff.” A weird fact about soda is “soda is one of society’s favorite beverages. Each year, billions of gallons of soda are sold in the United States alone.” Soda must be allowed to middle schoolers during school hours. Soda should be allowed because kids need more of a choice at school and soda is not the cause of all the bad stuff. Soda must be allowed at middle school because kids need more of a choice at school. At many schools the only things to drink are milk, water, and a few other juices you have to pay extra for. Providing soft drink’s at school would let the kids to more of a choice for their beverage during school lunchtime. A district once decided to try a test and “the …show more content…

“A 20-ounce soda contains 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar and 240 calories. These calories don’t satiate your child, so he will consume the same amount of food as if he did not drink the soda”. However, there are also many sodas that have 0 calories in their product. “We scoured the shelves to find the best sodas out there. Our criteria: no high-fructose corn syrup; no more than 20 g of sugar; no artificial colors like Red 40 or Yellow 5; and a glass of the fizzy stuff had to be less than 100 calories.” In the end soda should be allowed in all middle schools. Some reason it should be is kids need more of a choice at school and soda is not the cause of all the bad stuff.I always wonder, why can adults have soda at work but middle schoolers can’t have soda at school? That is unfair and that is why I think middle schoolers should be able to have soda at

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