Benefits Of Chewing Gum In School

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I am a student in your school and I am writing to you about the ban on chewing gum in school. I think the rule that students shouldn’t chew gum in class needs to be uplifted. There are many advantages to chewing gum in class. Chewing gum can increase focus, make students more relaxed, and reduces bad breadth. Chewing gum and can also help students to fight hunger. I will write about these advantages in my letter.
Bednarcik students should be able to chew gum in class because it increases focus. For example a study at Harvard College used 108 students separated into two groups. Half of them chewed gum the other half did not chew gum. The results were Fantastic! The ones that had chewed gum had an average of a 3% score increase. Also a Louisiana …show more content…

It is difficult to make friends when you have bad breadth. Chewing gum makes our breadth fresh. Gum is sweetened with xylitol which boosts saliva in the mouth. Saliva will stop the replication of germs that cause bad breadth. It is easy to talk when you have good breadth. Sometimes kids get bullied when they have bad breadth. Kids with bad breadth may keep other kids away. We should allow gum in schools so that less students would have bad breath.
The ban on gum in classrooms should be uplifted because gum also has good perks for your body. It can make you less hungry. According to CNN Louisiana State university did a study on student’s intake of food when chewing gum. They gave 115 students gum and watched their calorie intake. The students didn’t take in as much calories as they did when they did not chew gum. So chewing gum can help students not to complain about being hungry after lunch. It will also help students not too eat too much food. It will help kids to lose weight.
So Mrs. Alexander please do not support the ban on chewing gum. kids will have fresh breadth if they chew gum and they will have friends and they will not be bullied. We will focus in class and we will be happy. It will help us not to be hungry and we will focus in class. Our grades will go up and we will have an upper hand over other schools, if we are allowed gum in schools.

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