Should Ipads Be Allowed In Schools

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iPad. Schools could also consider getting rid of old computer labs, which could save electricity and space. The rooms that were once used for the computer labs, can now be used for new classrooms. The iPad can also help kids interact with others and it can make learning more fun for those who normally do not enjoy school. The iPad gives students the chance to be creative and reach their full potential in their education. "The iPads were most effective in prompting their most disconnected students to interact in the classroom and have fun while learning"(Savenije). The iPad gives the student the incentive to want to learn in a fun and new way that intrigues them. Not only does the iPad make learning more interesting, it can also help students …show more content…

The iPad allows all information like notes, homework, and work to all be in one place so students never have to worry about losing anything for class. "Students can often create their work on their iPad, then use the iPad to store it or submit it to their teacher. Papers are easily lost or destroyed but electronic files last forever" (Catapano). Every document a student would have most likely would be on the iPad with the exception of a few depending on what it is. Students would no longer have to go riffling through folders and binders to try to find a crinkled paper, the document would be on the their iPad ready to go. The students work and other documents would be uploaded to their iCloud so it can always be recovered if anything were to happen to the iPad itself. This makes it easier to not lose anything they had worked on in the past and to be able to find work much quicker. The iPad also allows students to fix errors and mistakes on a paper with a tap of their finger or with spell check, which makes it easier for teachers to read and understand. The student can easily erase or add anything they want to a document meaning no more messy papers and markings. Students can also take their work anywhere because the iPad has mobility unlike stationary computers. "The iPad is much more lightweight than a book bag full of textbooks, notebooks, and binders. Students can cram all that into the iPad and easily take it with them anywhere" (17 Pros and Cons). This means students can do their work anywhere they please and all their work is on one device making it easier to find material or resources through the iPad. By having students do their work on the iPad, it allows the teacher to stay more organized and

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