Why Is It Important To Have School Lunches

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Why is my topic important? My topic is important because with unappealing foods, kids are starving themselves at school. Students should have more voice in what is served on the lunch menu because a better menu means more money, less kids who don’t eat, and less waste. With all of these factors combined we can make a difference in school lunch policies. Students are more often than not complaining about school lunches. Students tend to eat school food that is appealing to them because it is something they look forward to eating, where as other food doesn't appeal to them. Studies show that waste has inflated significantly since the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” was placed in 2011 by Michelle Obama. (Wanjek) Waste wouldn’t have increased so much if school took a vote on what students like better, instead of making all of the food “healthy”, but then still giving us vending machines,and ala carte with chips, …show more content…

Studies show that 16.7 million children struggle with hunger problems in the home. (Vilsack) Students are forced to be healthy in school, which in turn makes the meals more expensive for the parents. This turn of profit eventually makes the schools meals not worth it because they are charging so much for something the students are going to waste because they don’t want, or like. More often than not school meals are the only healthy meal that students eat during the week. Students eat a lot more fruits, and vegetables than they get credit for. It would be one thing if there was factual proof that students didn’t eat healthy outside of school. Students won’t eat unappealing food, they want variety ,and they are unhappy with the given food choices. Researchers believe that school food is the only healthy meal eaten by students, per day. Students eat much more healthy than they are given credit for. Eating healthy now is a forced good habit, but will it continue outside of school when summer, and graduations come

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