Should School Lunches Be Allowed In Schools

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Kayleigh Hacker Mrs. Rogers B7 English 10 17 October 2016 Working Title A recent study by the University of Michigan proved that children who regularly eat school lunches are 29% more likely to be obese than students who consistently bring a lunch from home. When one brings a lunch to Natick High School, they are taking control of their health and have a plethora of choices to bring. Whereas buying a lunch from Natick High School will limit one to the unhealthy options of candy, chips, ice cream, pizza, and other snacks from vending machines. At the front of the cafeteria, there is a station for pizza with many available toppings. There is a large freezer for ice cream which holds popsicles, plain ice cream, and other frozen treats. There is…show more content…
However, this is inaccurate because soft drinks and junk food also prevent focus and success in school. Students at NHS are often distracted the period after they have their lunch. The leading reason for this is that their brains and their bodies cannot refocus after taking in so much sugar. The sugar brings you up to a “sugar high” and gives you a surge of energy. However, once that high of energy is over, one then experiences a crash. Students feel out of energy and extremely tired. This crash is the part that is the main problem. People can’t refocus themselves after consuming large amounts of sugar. In the classroom, every second of every class is beneficial and having to take the time having to get back into the learning mindset each day can hurt academic performances. Banning soft drinks and junk food would help students to get the very most out of every opportunity in class. Soft drinks and junk food preventing focus and academic success is an important topic to approach because it can eventually affect one’s future in the rest of high school, in college, and in…show more content…
Soft drinks and junk food also increase the obesity rates which could be life-threatening in the long run. In addition, soft drinks and junk food prevent the focus and success one needs in high school in order to prepare themselves for the future. Natick High School should ban the sale of all soft drinks and junk food in their building because consuming soft drinks and junk food sets low personal health standards, raises obesity rates, and prevents focus and academic success in

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