Cause Of Grief In Hamlet

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Cause of Psychotic Outbreak: Greif…? According to Swiss Psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, when dealing with the loss or death of a loved one, people experience the five stages of grief, those being: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. However, many people experience these stages differently, for different periods of time, or even not at all. With that being said, in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the main character and namesake for the play experiences most of the stages of grief, such as bargaining, anger, and depression, due to the death of his father causing his thirst for revenge against his uncle. and his lack of acceptance in regards to his mother's choices. Within this context, depression turns out to be the front-runner when it comes to the 5 stages, and subsequently is one of the main features of this play, as it causes Hamlet to reevaluate the fatality of his father, his mother’s new marriage, and eventually his own life. Anger is considered a necessary stage in the …show more content…

We don’t openly witness Hamlet bargaining over his father dying, however we do observe him bargain with his knowledge. (insert quote on him questioning the validity of the ghost.) Hamlet is questioning whether or not the apparition is a virtuous or corrupt and whether he can trust that Claudius is really guilty. Hamlets original plan to create utter madness across the castle and act irrational as to look over the situation. However this actually confused hamlet more and makes him reevaluate the situation. This questioning may have spared the life of Claudius. Because of this, Hamlet tests King Claudius before making any rash decisions and killing him right away, and after verifying the truth behind the murder and discovering that his uncle truly is the assassin, Hamlet is able to come up with a real plan of

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