Causes Of Blindness In Oedipus Rex

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Oedipus’ inner blindness causes his status to become a static character and make him have his downfall because of his character flaws. Since he is a static character, meaning he doesn’t change his personality throughout the whole story, he has the same flaws during the beginning to the end of the story. These many flaws range from Oedipus’s arrogance to his selfishness. Oedipus’s flaws don’t just cause his downfall, but also many other conflicts in the story as well. One of his flaws that was listed earlier was his selfishness. Oedipus’s selfishness leads to many conflicts that end up to his downfall in the story, many of the conflicts being him not admitting to things people say to him. One of the things he doesn’t admit to at the end of the story is that the murder of King Laius, or his father, is his fault. He instead blames the gods for all the problems that he caused. He also doesn’t admit the claims that Teiresias makes earlier in the book, and instead just says he is “making a fool of himself,” and that he is a “wicked old man.” Another one of his flaws is his arrogance, which is an exaggerated sense of one’s own abilities. Throughout the book, Oedipus always reminds people that he is the King of Thebes, and shows this by threatening people to leave his sight, some of these …show more content…

The reason why Oedipus is such a proud person is because he is the one who solved the riddle that the Sphinx, the one torturing Thebes. One of his greatest acts of hubris is when he started to deny fate, he did this by leaving Corinth, the city where he grew up with the parents that he thought was real and would never see them again, he did this because after he heard about the prophecy from the Oracle of Delphi, the prophecy being that Oedipus would kill his dad and marry his mom. Ironically when he left Corinth, he played into the hands of fate and killed his dad, King Laius, and then marry his mother,

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