Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The book I read is called “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. “Fahrenheit 451” is a dystopian novel set in future America where books are outlawed by Firemen. The Firemen are in charge of burning all houses and structures where books are housed in. If the Firemen get an alarm in the firehouse the firemen are told to go to the structure and set it on fire. Censorship and the effects produced such as the firemen going into the houses and burning the houses without warning, are the heart of “Fahrenheit 451”. The people in the society in “Fahrenheit 451” believe they should be able to have their own rights and opinions about being able to read books legally.
The books were banned for several reasons. First off, many books were banned because the books weren't politically correct. “Colored people dont like “Little Black Sinbo”. …show more content…

Guy then tries to read the book as fast as Guy can when he hears the doorbell ring. Guy knows that his boss is at the door and Guy doesn't want to get in trouble so Guy lays back down as if Guy is still sick. Guy’s boss doesn't believe that he is sick. Guy’s boss then sends Guy back into work. Guy and his boss Beaty then have a discussion about the book and why Guy was reading it. Beatty tells Guy that he has one day to burn the book or his house would be burned down. Guy gets very nervous about putting his family in danger so he quickly goes to hide the book. The next day Gug goes into work and there is an alarm. Guy goes to the structure that he is supposed to burn. Guy then realizes that the structure he is intending to burn is his own house. Guy then gets the job to burn his own house. Originally Guy refuses to burn his house but after Beatty tells Guy that he would get in much worse trouble if he didn't, Guy then lights his house and watches his house burn in agony to

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