Censorship In Schools Essay

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Censorship is a serious matter that has been discussed through the years. People are divided on whether censorship should be in school libraries or if it should not. Books such as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X" and many more have been greatly affected because of book banning. Not everyone has the same style, which causes outrage when certain books are banned. For example, if one book was banned and people prefered that book, it can make the community furious. However, I believe books should not be censored in school libraries. Just because one parent doesn’t want something for their child doesn’t mean other kids should be prohibited from reading that book. If one parent may not like something they could …show more content…

Instead of having parents and the school board choose for them. In a recent survey I did for a censorship debate, 72% of the people reviewed believed censorship in school libraries is unnecessary. Some participants said things like, “Censorship takes a possible learning opportunity away” and “Libraries are there to teach us and if books are censored we can not learn.” This shows that majority of the society does not agree with censorship. Other people, however, do agree with book ratings instead of censorship. So, using book ratings, one can follow the ratings put there for them. From personal experiences not being censored has partially shaped who I am today. My parents don 't believe in censorship and would rather have their kids be prepared for what 's out there then rather a fantasy some parents make children believe. If one was censored they could 've been a completely different person then who they are today. Not being censored also opened up a range of things I may never have known if I was. Also not being censored has been shown that some kids mature faster than the ones censored. Those people also seem to understand what to do in a complex situation while others may not. Even so, censorship will be argued on whether it’s right or wrong for years to come. At some point, hopefully, someone will change that. In conclusion, it is unnecessary to have censorship

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