The Outsiders Should Be Banned Essay

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“The state of kids publishing is such that it’s perfectly reasonable to be concerned about what agenda-driven and/or prurient content they’re peddling.” (Hemingway) This means it is very reasonable for everyone to be concerned about what the kids and young adults are reading. If parents are not concerned about what their child is reading, their child will follow many bad influences from books they have read.There are many influential books such as The Outsiders, by S.E Hinton that should be banned. The Outsiders is a novel about a house broken gang that encounters life changing problems. The Outsiders should be banned because it sets bad examples like underage drinking and drugs. This is an important theme for this book, and the book teaches bad morals.

First of all, the characters in The Outsiders set bad examples. “We gotta win that fight tonight,’ Dally said. His voice was hard. ‘We gotta get even with the Socs. For Johnny” (Hinton 125)This quote means that the characters are going to compete against another gang in a fight because they want to make one of the gang members happy, while he is in the hospital. Young adults would be intimidated to follow these examples and start fights. If more young adults believe in violence, our world would be damaged and despicable. In addition, characters have fake IDs and rob stores. Sodapop, a 16 year old Greaser, robs gas stations. For example, “I am a greaser," …show more content…

If ACMS does not ban The Outsiders, the rate of underage drinkers will increase. The irresponsible students who will read this will most likely have influence among this idea. Alcohol and drugs are an important theme for this book. Lastly, on page 83, Hinton informs us, “Everyone in our neighborhood, even the girls, smoked.” This shows that the kids are even more irresponsible although most of them drink alcohol. The effects of drugs and alcohol can highly affect young

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