The Censorship Judy Blume Analysis

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Not every censorship/ban book is that controversial no matter how many inappropriate issues are in there. That’s why Judy Blume, who is well known for being one of the most censored writers in America, has many of her books banned due to inappropriate content. In the essay, “The Censorship: A personal Review,” Judy Blume gave a much clear approach on how she felt when her books were censorship for controversial things for young adults and children. She even includes her personal experience when dealing with censorship in her early and adult life. In the essay. Blume describes her own experience as a child and as an author dealing with banned books. She discusses the fact her parents never really told her what she could and could not read which encouraged her to expand her curiosity on reading books that are censorship. She also talks about how parents now are trying to protect their kids from reading ban books that are inappropriate which lead to many thoughtful books getting pulled off the …show more content…

When you writing a book that is very controversial that it is meant for young adults and children of course you going to be in the middle/center of everything. You cannot make public libraries, school districts, and even parents change this mind about a book that they don’t want their children to read. I know I might have repeat myself about parents letting their children read what they think their children to read because some parents don’t want them to be expose to something that they are going to be too unsuitable. At the end, Blume understands what the parents and teachers are trying to say when she gave one of her friend’s daughter a book that title “The Stupid Book” by James Marshall, and the mother was like no I don’t want my kid to say words that are bad for their vocabulary

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