Of Mice And Men Should Not Be Banned Research Paper

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No piece of literature should ever be ban : Of Mice and Men should not be ban from young adults and libraries. The literature classic promotes good life lessons for students to learn from such as friendship and motivation. Simply banning the book would contradict the right of free press under the first amendment of the constitutions. The book also provides a considerable amount of historical context. Even though the book contains a tremendous amount of racism , sexism , and vulgar language , in today’s media , we are exposed to a similar content. One of the most important life lessons from Of Mice and Men is friendship. George and Lennie sticks together because they both have each other back. Lennie needs George because he helps him keep out of trouble and helping him with basic …show more content…

However , no piece of literature should be banned or censor. Instead , there should be warning labels such as movie labels. According to a graph from www.ala.org , one of the main reasons why books are banned was because of offensive language , and violent behaviors. Why are books being banned when the media is showing similar materials without being banned ? We as students , are actively aware to events occurring with media. Banning books while media shows related content is double standards. In conclusion , this book should not be banned. The literature classic contains valuable life lessons such as brotherly love , motivation for never giving up on life , and how not all dreams are going to be achieved. The book also provides a considerable amount of history and how a field worker live , act , and treated a certain group of people. It provides an examples of how one live in the Great Depression. Last but not least , banning this book is a contravention to the freedom of press. Instead of banning books , there should be warning labels like there is in

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