Changes During The Amercian Revolution

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During American Revolution many changes happened. For me Amercian Revolution is complete change for American history. British government don’t give any respect to the colonists. American revolution showed changes social equality, rights of American. There were many things happened during that time, for example Pontiac’s rebellion, proclamation of 1763, sugar act, currency act, tea act, Boston Massacre, etc. Coloniest have to suffered more than any other from this acts. First thing happened after the Franch and Indian war. Its led by the Ottawa chief name Pontiac. Its starts when Ottawa chief Pontiac attacks the British force. They try to stop the British govermnets expansion into the western ohio valley and starte to destroy british forts …show more content…

British government called the general Amherst and blamed him for mishandling the conflicts and his own soldiers toasted his departure. The British government issued proclamation of 1763 for shorten the violence. Proclamation of the 1763 is the law that stop the colonists to settle west. Its prevent conflict and war between the native American and the British. The proclamation line is located along the Allegheny Mountains. George Greenville is the prime minister of the Britain. He starts the Sugar acts in 1764. Sugar act is tax on the sugar, molasses and shippend iteams mostley. British government want to make more money from the act. Colonist have to pay more tax on the sugar and shipped iteams so they are angry on the british government. Colonist started fight against the freedom and eneded boycotting the british goods. Colonist issued their own paper money because they are running low in bills and coins. British and colonies were aginst the each others currency. British government stop the American currney and control the money systems. They passed currency act in feb 1st 1764. Currney is relates economy. There is no standard money during that that time. This aact unite the north industrial and south agricultural …show more content…

Tax, which went to the British government. Paid for debt and British troops in the colonies. Colonist hated stamp act. Sons of liberty led over 40 protests up and down the colonial coastline in 1765 to 1766. Most of the protests are located in the middle colonies up through the New England colonies. They Successful in forcing the British parliament to repeal the stamp act in march 18, 1766. In June 1767 British parliament passes the Townshend revenue acts by Chancellor of the Exchequer Charles Townshend. in this act they have to pay duty on imported items. Because of this act American stop using the british iteams. Parlianment have to repealled this act in early 1770 except for the tax on tea. On March 6th, 1770, A fight between British soldiers and American colonists in Boston where 5 Bostonians were killed it called Boston Massacre. This is the first big conflicts between them and Boston people are angrier than ever before they. They starts talk about how to be free from the british rule and startes their own country. 1773 the british government pass the tea act. The tea act actullly lower the price of the tea. It ment to help the british government in the east india

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