Character Analysis Of Characters In Mare's Wars '

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The other more major characters are Cal, Farley, Kilorn, and Shade.
Cal is the supposed to be crowned prince. Mavens and him are step- brothers. He has the ability to control fire and has silver blood.
Farley is a captain of the scarlet guard and helps Mare through her mission of getting the newbloods. She is from a kingdom called, Lakelands, that has been at war with Norta for a long time. This war has been taking place at the choke.
Kilorn is Mare’s best friends from the Stilts and is part of the Scarlet guard. Mare and Kilorn are like family so Mare always tries to protect him when they are in danger. Kilorn is just a red blood and does not have any newblood abilities.
Shade is Mare’s favorite and closest brother who left because he

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