Character Analysis Of Gary Schmidt's 'Okay For Now'

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How a character acts and what their personality is can describe their character trait. Sometimes characters are different in their traits, oftenly characters can be the same by changing or revising their own character trait. The protagonist is Doug from Okay for Now, by Gary Schmidt. Doug is a teenage boy that is struggling with a rough family. Doug 's father got a new job that was far away from his own town so, Doug has to adapt to the town that he moved to. His family life is hard on him because his dad is abusive and his mom is loving but, flounders sometimes and she has to work hard to keep Doug 's dad happy. When Doug was compared to Ponyboy from The Outsiders is by S.E Hinton, Spider Women from Gods, Goddesses, and monsters by Shelly Keenan, the Father in the story, Pinocchio by Margaret Hillert. It is clear through their words and the way other characters react about them that these characters share a troublemaker, wise, and thoughtful character traits. Doug from Okay for Now and Ponyboy from the Outsiders both share the same character trait, troublemaker. For example, ¨I said that It didn 't matter who went where as long as the teams were even, and I pointed out that with me on the shirts team, we had even numbers, so It didn 't make much sense to send me to the skins team¨(Schmidt 118). During this situation, Doug is talking back to Coach Reed just to show the whole gym class that he is a troublemaker and he didn 't stop back talking to Coach Reed. Secondly, ¨I

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