Trouble Short Story

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Life is very difficult, and certain people respond to trouble differently. An example of this takes place in the book Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt. In Trouble both Henry and Chay are in difficult situations. Henry’s brother has died and Henry and his family are in a difficult time. Chay is Cambodian and he starts to date an American girl. His father disowns him and forces Chay to leave home. Henry and Chay have their own responses to Trouble. Each person has some acceptable responses and some poor responses. Overall, Chay has better responses to Trouble than Henry. ` Henry has only a few appropriate responses to Trouble. Henry’s brother Franklin has just been severely injured after car accident involving Chay. Henry is extremely angry at Chay, and simply mad that his older brother and hero is severely hurt. Soon after Franklin is hurt, Henry is at crew practice getting ready for regionals. “That afternoon after school, he rowed hard at crew practice-and not just because he had missed a few days, and not just because he was afraid of Coach Santori threats”(37). Henry is using his anger towards Chay to fuel his energy at crew practice. While this is a useful response, this is not the best response to Trouble that Henry could use. Henry is taking out his anger, yet he is also negatively affecting the crew team. Instead of taking out his anger, Henry should be trying to overcome the difficult situation in his life. Henry responds well to Trouble, but Henry could have used better
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