Character Analysis: Trouble By Gary D. Schmidt

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Life is very difficult, and certain people respond to trouble differently. An example of this takes place in the book Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt. In Trouble both Henry and Chay are in difficult situations. Henry’s brother has died and Henry and his family are in a difficult time. Chay is Cambodian and he starts to date an American girl. His father disowns him and forces Chay to leave home. Henry and Chay have their own responses to Trouble. Each person has some acceptable responses and some poor responses. Overall, Chay has better responses to Trouble than Henry. ` Henry has only a few appropriate responses to Trouble. Henry’s brother Franklin has just been severely injured after car accident involving Chay. Henry is extremely angry at Chay, …show more content…

Chay and Henry were eating at the Chowder Mug. Both the staff and two fishermen who were eating at the Chowder Mug started bullying Chay because Chay was Cambodian. As Chay and Henry leave the Chowder Mug, the two fishermen follow the boys outside and one of the fishermen yells “‘Hey, gook, where do you think you’re going?’ Chay stopped and turned around. Even in the dark, Henry could see in Chay’s face an anger greater than he had ever felt. It startled him. It came from a deep place inside of him”(168). The fishermen have connected to Chay’s memories of Cambodia, and they have caused Chay to remember what happened there. The fishermen cause Chay to remember his sister being shot and his brother being taken away to fight. Any person would be enraged and angry after experiencing this. However despite Chay’s anger, Chay manages to move on and he decides to use a smart resolution in simply walking away. Chay does not brood on his negative emotions when he is in a difficult situation. Chay responds better to Trouble when he is in a difficult situation than Henry. Chay responds well to difficult situations. Even though Henry can respond well to some situations, Henry’s responses could be better. Henry often has negative reactions to Trouble which can lead to danger. Unlike Henry, Chay is able to move on and overcome the Trouble in his life. In conclusion, Henry does not respond to Trouble as well as Chay

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