Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor Essays

  • Major Depressive Disorder Analysis

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    which involves both reactive and biological; and atypical depression which is a more severe biological depression (Wegmann, 2015). MDD should be treated with evidence-based treatment. Psychopharmacology is often the first-line treatment. Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are typically the first-line

  • Antidepressant Research Paper

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    The four types of antidepressant medications that are the most common. These medications are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), as Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), Atypical Antidepressants, and Tricyclic Antidepressants. Each has similar side effects, while others have different effects on the human body. The first main type of antidepressant is Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) which job is to ease depression by affecting the chemical messengers, which are used to

  • Selective Reuptake Inhibitors

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    psychological ailment, that has been studied many times over and continues to be debated and studied. Through the use of medications as well as natural and psychological therapies the condition of depression is treated in numerous ways. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) is a form of drugs developed by medical and pharmaceutical companies; the goal of these antidepressant drugs is to target specific brain functions without affecting other cognitive skills and to reduce unwanted effects. As

  • William Mckim: Chapter Summary

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    William McKim in chapters 1, 2, 3, 5 and 14 looks at some basic pharmacology, research design and the behavioral analysis of drug effects, tolerance withdrawal, sensitization and conditioning of drug effects, dependence addiction and the self administration of drugs as well as antidepressants and mood stabilizers. A drug in its most basic form is defined as “a substance that alters the physiology of the body” (p. 1) and is comprised of a chemical name, a generic name and trade name. The chemical

  • Majo Major Depressive Disorders: A Case Study

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    Depression 1. What are the salient historical features of the case? The main noticeable historical features of the case include the patient’s depressed mood, described sleep disturbance, diminished interest in certain activities, feeling of guilt, suicidal thoughts, and reduced energy and concentration. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) criteria for major depressive disorder, a patient must present at least 5 of the symptoms mentioned above for at least

  • Social Anxiety Therapy

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    medications originally prescribed for the treatment of depression are now being used to treat anxiety disorders. They are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors act on the brain on a chemical messenger called serotonin; they tend to have fewer side effects than older antidepressants. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are the oldest of the antidepressant medications; phenelzine, the most commonly prescribed MAOI, is helpful for people

  • Obsessive Appearance Disarray Essay

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    Obsessive Appearance Disarray is when someone is not comfortable with parts of their bodies whether it’s male or female. In human nature beside oneself other around and looking out on the inside will see that one’s appearance is more important than what’s on the inside. About ".7-2.4% of the general population and a much larger percentage of those attempting to receive aesthetic treatments"(Neelam). Obsessive Appearance Disarray is when a person has a infatuation on a certain part of their body

  • Depression In The Elderly Case Study

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    multidisciplinary approach is needed to treat this disease. Treatment options provide successful treatment for this disorder in 80 % of the patients, include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor’s medications such as sertraline (Zoloft), Citalopram (celexa) which are considered the first line drugs of treatment. Serotonin/ norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors and medications such as mirtazapine, and bupropion also prescribed. In addition other treatment include Electroconvulsive therapy, which has a rapid

  • Compulsive Disorder In James Brooks 'As Good As It Gets'

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    At one time or another, every person has sneezed over the course their lifetime. In these brief moments of air expulsion, people almost become slaves to their brain’s commands, losing control of their body in an instant. Despite vigorous attempts to refuse the order, the brain’s hardwired response to minor stimuli has been shown to snottily win out time and time again, whether a person is sitting on the bus, giving a presentation at school or sitting in a silent library. For people with obsessive-compulsive

  • Psychological Disorders: The Role Of Depression In Children

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    Depression is a psychiatric disorder that afflicts young people with chronic feelings of sadness or worthlessness—the defining characteristic of the disorder is that it robs a person of the capacity for pleasure. Unhappiness triggered by events is not uncommon in children, but it normally goes away when circumstances change. A child with depression doesn’t recover when events change; her dark mood and lack of interest in things she used to enjoy will persist. Depression can interfere with all aspects

  • Relapsevere Depression Case Study

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    1. List the possible triggers noted above for Mrs. MC’s Symptoms of depression? • Family distress as evidence by “She has been experiencing family problems with her husband and children for the last several months”. • Self-worth as evidence by “Now she feels so low that she has started smoking again, although she says she can 't really afford to”. • Lack of interest as evidenced by “she hasn 't been getting out of the house much recently” • Possible fatigue as evidence by “she is less active during

  • Panic Disorders Cause Sudden Agoraphobia

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    Panic disorders is a common type of psychological disorders that affect a noticeable percentage of the U.S. population age 18 and older and having more cases in women than men Like most anxiety disorders, they have another disorder coexisting with the first. A common combination is a panic disorder with agoraphobia, a certain fear of places or situations where escape is impossible or embarrassing. These disorders can infuse great struggles to follow through with everyday life, as well as cause great

  • Ptsd In The Military

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    Treatment of PostTraumatic Stress Disorder Imagine that you were stationed in iraq and saw a good deal of active combat during your time in the military. You are one of the very best soldiers in the field but you see a friend get blown up by a landmine. Even when u return to the civilian these images Haunt you. Scenes from this incident would run threw your mind and disrupt your well being. Imagine smelling diesel or seeing fireworks on new years bring back these awful memories. Also having difficulty

  • Major Depressive Disorder In The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath

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    Esther Greenwood, the protagonist of The Bell Jar, was a promising young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. The Bell Jar, written by Sylvia Plath, was set in 1953. The novel tells the story of Esther Greenwood, a bright nineteen year-old who was about to embark into adulthood and make her way to becoming a successful writer. Esther had everything that one could ever wish for, an above average IQ, a prestigious internship in New York City and she was enrolled in a college, which was rare for

  • Antidepressants And Depression

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    (Gibbons). The two groups in this experiment were those who did take antidepressants for their depression and those who did take the drug. The limitations that arose in this experiment were proven to be that some medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors caused the opposite effect of those who had

  • Happiness And Happiness In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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    Truth lies within the trite phrase that ignorance is bliss. When one is unaware of a bad circumstance, she cannot fixate on the event and let it get in her way. Yet, this human longing for bliss and perfection has caused society to increase its unconsciousness in a way that is so artificial that the shortcomings of modern society were able to be accurately predicted by an intelligent man, Aldous Huxley, in 1932. While the society he described strived for bliss, it descended into ignorance, and

  • Generalized Anxiety Assessment

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    After completing the first part, all participants had to complete two different tests that measure anxiety and one that measures depression. The first test they had to complete was Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7) (Spitzer, Kroenke, Williams, & Löwe, 2006), which is a self-administered patient questionnaire and is used as a screening tool and severity measure for generalized anxiety disorder and measures any potential disturbances during the last two weeks. It consists of seven questions

  • Hyperhidrosis Lab Report

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    Botulinum Toxin for Hyperhidrosis Treatment Abstract Primary focal hyperhidrosis is a disorder of excessive sweating which is typically of unknown etiology. Axillae, palms, soles and face are typical area for primary focal hyperhidrosis. The disorder is often overlooked, but its effects on social and occupational lives can become a big hassle for many people in everyday life, particularly in severely affected people. This also leads to emotional and psychosocial distress. Certain treatment strategies

  • Psychosocial Aspect

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    Psychosocial aspect A study conducted showed that 47.3% of patients felt self-conscious about their skin, 32.7% felt unattractive, and 23.6% felt their disorder distruped their everyday activities. Treatment with skin skin bleaching agents for instance , those mentioned in previous pages have shown beneficial effects on unfavorable psychosocial and health related quality of life issues. Many studies have shown that a negative evaluation of the physical body can cause the development of body

  • Cost Risk Benefit Analysis Essay

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    Millions of people suffer from clinical depression, there are a range of ways you can naturally boost your mood and help overcome depression. Many of which are just as effective as drugs but are safer and without side-effects. There is enough data from clinical studies to support their use, especially from a “cost/risk – benefit” analysis. While some of the methods have not been comprehensively proven according to the standards of Western science, there is evidence of their effectiveness As depression