Character Analysis Of Jean Louise Finch In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Jean Louise (Scout) Finch, is a girl in Maycomb, Alabama in during the time of the depression. She has a brother named Jem, a dad named Atticus, and a chef named Calpurnia that makes up her family. She starts school and is then confronted by her teacher, Ms. Caroline, because she knows how to read already meaning she has had outside schooling. The whole town is scared of the Raley family’s mansion and from Boo Radley who was called the Phantom of Maycomb because he has been on house arrest for most of his life. There will be more about Boo in the story as a plot point because seeing him is Jem's goal and because the mystery that surrounds him is getting thicker. On Dill’s last night out Jem and Scout, with Dill, go to the Radley’s place to
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