Summary Of The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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In The Chosen by Chaim Potok, Danny, Reuven, and Mr. Malter represent three brilliant men. Each man is smart in his own way, but bond together through their knowledge. Mr. Malter, the father of Reuven, brings an added volume of wisdom to the young men’s lives. He is able to teach the things far beyond the classroom. Throughout the book, not only the boys but also Mr. Malter gain a deal of brilliancy. They learn many things about themselves and the world through their friendships with other cultures, the war, and the many obstacles they traverse through. Danny, Reuven, and Mr. Malter portray brilliancy far beyond being smart in school.

A noble character known for his immense knowledge is Danny. Danny is a young man that has always been one to do well in school and with his religious assignments. He was born a brilliant boy and carried that attitude through his life. Mr. Malter compared his brilliancy to a wise Hassidic man saying, “Reb Saunders’ son has a mind like …show more content…

He was not the complete brain, but he was not dumb either. Danny was much smarter when it cam to relationships, war, and the world going on around him. Through his knowledge he was able to make religious decisions on his own and truly understand where some religion went wrong. When he visited Danny’s synagogue he was able to depict the Rabbis words and even had thoughts to himself about the error in his words, this being one of them, “I didn’t agree with all his notions of the world as being contaminated. Albert Einstein is part of the world, I told myself. President Roosevelt is part of the world. The millions of soldiers fighting Hitler are part of the world.”(138) Even though this may not be true, Reuven was able to think for himself at all times. In his relationship with Danny he was able to smartly be his friend so as to enhance Danny’s knowledge. Reuven is a brilliant character that made many smart

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