Character Analysis Of Piggy In The Lord Of The Flies

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Imagine you are a twelve-year-old and you are on an abandoned island with a bunch of kids your age, you have an abundance of great ideas but, because you are not built and muscular no one heeds your advice, that is exactly how the character Piggy felt. First, Piggy has no qualities that kids stranded on a deserted island view as useful. Secondly, all of the character, with the exception of Piggy, adhere the principle of survival of the fittest in order to survive. Finally, Piggy is used to demonstrate the idea that humanity is reliant on power to escalate their country instead of trying to advance their country through science and mathematics. The character, Piggy, is part of a broader spectrum that one might not pick up on the first interpretation of the novel. Piggy has no qualities that kids that young would appreciate so he is ignored through the entire novel. To begin, today in pop culture being a person of a heavier set is viewed as feeble, weak, and incapable of even the simplest of tasks. Also, Piggy is a very intelligent kid, but, on an island with several other kids that do not understand the validity of the circumstances they are currently in, there is no need for intelligence since the kids do not care about intellect. A final reason for all the suffrage Piggy had to endure, is that Piggy focused on the essentials such as rescue, lodging, and a steady food source while the others were focused on hunting and gathering meat for sustenance. For these reasons, Piggy

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