Dentate Gyrus Case Study

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1.5 Functional anatomy of hippocampus

The hippocampus anatomically is located in the temporal lobe of the human brain on the medial surface deep inside the uncus. It is a major component of the limbic system. Its name is derived from a Greek word which means “Sea horse”. The curved shape of the hippocampus resembles a ram’s horn and hence Cornu Ammonis (CA). The medial part below the CA forms the dentate gyrus. The hippocampus is differentiated from other cortical areas in the brain due to its archicortical architecture and highly laminar organization. The Cornu Ammonis is subdivided into CA1, CA2 and CA3 region with CA3 proximal to the dentate gyrus. Sometimes the polymorphic layer of the dentate gyrus is regarded as the CA4 region.
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Hence, evaluation of its toxicity on animal model is of paramount importance (Mirhadi et al, 2011). Likewise, determining the extent of tissue damage and safe dosage of the herbal medicine is also very important as it can help to set up a strategy during adverse effects. Thus appropriate use of herbal medicines has been encouraged until it is proven to be safe and effective. Only a few of the herbal medicines have withstood the scientific testing but others have been simply used for traditional reasons to protect, restore or improve health. Most of the herbal medicines still needs to be studied in a scientific manner but the knowledge and experience obtained from them by their traditional use should not be overlooked (WHO Manila,…show more content…
Even now in many countries, people still believe in natural traditional medicines for cure. There has been growing interest among researchers to elucidate the scientific background of these natural products on their therapeutic use (Zysk, 1996 and Kaptchuk, 2000). Recently, the focus has shifted towards the various natural sources that could have a potential role in the treatment of nervous system related diseases. Since stress has been a global problem, there are numerous studies that have been done to explore the possibilities for new natural sources which could counter act on

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